Misconceptions and refutations Sabighat

Osoul Introduction


In the Name of God, the Lord of Grace, the Ever Merciful

All praise is due to God, the Lord of all the worlds, the One who creates and proportions well, who determines and guides. May God bestow peace and blessings on Prophet Muhammad, his household and his companions as well as those who has and will follow them with dedication until the end of time.

That people differ and hold conflicting views and beliefs is an old phenomenon, going back to the first time they steered away from the pure nature their Creator had given them. Such conflict has never been as clear as it is today, because our world has become like one town. Today, we get to know what happens in the remotest part of the world within a very short time, as modern technology has made contact very easy. The social media has enabled people to exchange views and ideas, and this has shown the extent of differences between people. Therefore, they try to present and advocate their views and beliefs on the world stage.

Perhaps the gravest danger such interaction represents is that some wrong ideas and false philosophies are being advocated among young Muslims. This danger requires that scholars should provide what helps young Muslims to hold on to their faith, showing them, with clear evidence and proof, the fallacy of the misconceptions circulated by those who try to raise doubts about Islam.

One of the worthy efforts in this line is undertaken by Shaykh Ahmad ibn Yusuf Alsayyid and his colleagues in their programme Sinaat al-Mahawir, which tries to give reassurance to young Muslims. We at Osoul Centre are pleased to present to English speaking Muslims this translation of one of the releases of this program, under the title Misconceptions and Refutations. This follows an earlier release in this endeavour, The Qur’an: an Eternal Challenge by the late Shaykh Muhammad Abdullah Draz. We will continue our efforts in this line, God willing.

We pray to God to reward the author, Ahmad Alsayyid, and to benefit our brethren by this translation, as He benefited many people by its Arabic original. All praise be to God who blesses all good efforts.